Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Now come in with the right, Al!

Jim here, as are the other two posts below without a tag.
Off-poetry-topic political blog: Al Gore ripped Bush a new one on Monday. If he had been able to give a speech like this one while he was running for president, the gang of nine would not have been in a position to steal his victory. I am pretty sure I detected a note of desperation in the way the wingnuts were dismissing his speech. Basically, the only real excuse they can come up with is "sometimes Clintonstretched civil liberties too..." And the examples they have are pretty lame, too. As a schoolteachers Jen & I know how to deal with this excuse: "We're talking about *your* behavior now, George. Don't try and put your actions off on other people."

The two real questions are: 1) is there any chance this man will run again? And more importantly if so, 2) is this really a new Al Gore, or is it just Al Gore's Brave and Charismatic Twin, who always goes into hiding whenever we actually need him around, like, say, during an election?

Well, I won't get my hopes up. But, well, if nothing else I say f*** yeah to him for telling the truth about what's happening in America.

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