Friday, May 30, 2008


I am just back from the PRESS conference in Olympia. I am new to 'conferences' but I am beginning to realize their importance. Being around people thinking about poetry, ideas, politics and such is so crucial. I think many poets are or do look for connections on the internet -- myself definitely included. It is refreshing to meet people face to face. One idea that I'm contemplating via the conference is the idea of cross-genre work as a way to protest the system. This would never have occurred to me. My friend Nick came up with a brilliant idea, life does work like a short story -- with rising action, climax, and such -- so why do we write as such?

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Unknown said...

Hey Jennifer,
I am a student at Evergreen and I attended the panel The Unwritten Body.
I found your character and presence very compelling.
I was just reading the New York Times and I came across this article by Stanley Fish about "Norms and Deviations: Whos to Say" and it made me think about what you were saying how having a disability is not a disadvantage.
Anyways, I thought you might like to check it out.
(It is an opinion article in June 2nd's paper, maybe you have already read it...)

Take Care,

Anna Wolfe-Pauly