Thursday, September 08, 2011

Fourth Grade

Today was my very favorite person's first day of fourth grade. When we walked out of the house, my art handler friend smiled and said, "The first day of school: it's better than Christmas!" After coffee with A, I lay (Andrea, did I lay -did I lie - I lie! - o did I!). Andrea, I LIE on my bed. I slept for three hours. & I had this dream: I dream that the back gate to my yard was open & it was full of beautiful women and children playing and I asked them how they got in? I kicked them out. BUT there was a huge grizzly bear and it followed me into the house biting my clothes. Then, it followed me to the frig where I got the chicken out to lure it to the front door - all the while thinking - O grizzled bear where did I put your chicken, you are going to eat me! Heres, the good part! When I got to the front door, Rambo (who is the old Zen master pug) got in a fight with the grizzly bear over the chicken. Finally, the grizzly bear got in the front and I called 911. When I woke, the house was silent. The boats were moving up and down the river; the art handlers were handling gosh knows what and I did not check my email. Two more hours until regular life.

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