Friday, September 02, 2011

Happy Birthday Jim

Last night was a magical night that can only happen for me in New York. We went to La Bonne Soupe for Jim's 41st birthday. Here is B's Zen board.

On the way to dinner, Jeff & I played 'rate your outfit.' There are a shocking amount of tens on 5th Ave. A 'ten outfit' must fit your body type well, be pretty, be original, and have perfect shoes & a decent handbag. My outfits, for example, are often not above an '8' because my clothes are messy. Here are some images of the perfect city from our after dinner walk.

The city glowing from within. 
Jeff, Royal, and birthday Jim outside the chocolate store
where Jeff has convinced the adorable gay boy clerk to give us free bonbons.

Here are two women who might earn a 7/8 and the beautiful smoke.

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