Friday, April 13, 2007

Cranky Part 2

I'm also upset about goings on at my son's school. Many parents are leaving his school because it didn't meet up to their expectations. I'm heartbroken in fact. I am believing less and less that the NY school system will EVER work. I think all sides work to racially and economically segregate schools. I have to say, some parents have been really involved and worked hard. Others have put countless hours into "school shopping" and going to 3 or 4 tours of the same schools instead of putting any effort into helping the school their child attends.

What will be my family's punishment for putting my own hippy ideals above giving my child the so-called best education? Will we stick with this school, which like all others has it's wonders and flaws? Will he go Catholic? Will we end up at the local school which is run by Nurse Ratchet and has no recess or sports, but high accademics? Today, I hate New York.

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