Friday, August 25, 2006

A Call to New Yorkers: Boot out Hillary

Let’s play a game. It’s called “Hillary what have your done for us lately?” Here’s the object of the game. Name one law, proposal, or general thing that Hillary has done for New York or the country in her time as senator. Ummmmmmmmmmm! Can’t think of one? Me neither! Wait! There is that one thing! Yes, she voted FOR the war in Iraq! I forgot about that.

On Sept. 12th in the primary election (believe or not) Hillary is running against some named Jonathon Tasini. Never heard of him? Me neither, until yesterday. As told in yesterday’s Times editorial Hillary is so sure of herself, she refuses to even debate the poor guy. As it turns out Tasini is very anti-war. He’ll probably not win. Hillary’s just too charming, pretty, and, well, rich. But, let’s vote for him anyway. Perhaps if she sees that the public is disasified, she’ll switch into gear. Connecticut did it! Why can’t we?

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