Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bedside Table: Andrea Baker

My bedside table is an issue of marital contention in our otherwise tidy house. After inventorying the items, it seems husband has a point… Consider this only the ‘before’ picture.

Right stack:

Goosebumps #41 – Bad Hare Day (kid book)
My notes on Aaron McCollough’s Little Ease
Traffic #2
Eve Grubin’s Morning Prayer
Poems rejected from APR
Info from my son’s last book project
Rilke’s Book of Images (trans. Edward Snow)
The New Yorker
Kate Greenstreet’s Case Sensitive
Jubilat #5
Adam Clay’s The Wash
Mary Ruefle’s The Adamant
Susan Howe’s Pierce-Arrow
Spell (August, 2006)
An old The New Yorker
An even older New Yorker
Webster’s Dictionary
Geoffrey Hill’s Triumph of Love
A Phone Bill
Cannibal #1
Denver Quarterly Vol. 41 No. 1
Mary Oliver’s New and Selected Poems Volume two

Between the Stacks:

A green marker
A Uniball pen

Left Stack:

iBook keyboard screen protector
Lloyd Alexander’s The Rope trick (kid book)
Husband’s music notebook
Lyrics for a song torn from husband’s music notebook
The Essential Rilke (trans. Galway Kinnell)
Aaron Tieger’s Feburary
Anne Boyer’s The Deep
Dan Beachy-Quick’s Mulberry
Dragon Slayer’s Academy #3 (kid book)
Kathleen Jesme’s Motherhouse
Two bobbypins
Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys … which belongs to you, Jen
Goosebumps #15 Scream School
Paradise of Submission: A Medieval Treatise on Ismaili Thought
Frannie Lindsay’s Lamb
An old New Yorker
A stack of old drafts of poems
Sept/Oct issue of APR
An old New Yorker
Moma Learning 2006
More old drafts of poems
Alumni Anniversary Issue of my High School Literary Magazine (Elan)
Back to school letter from son’s school
UNICEF holiday catalogue
A Lamp

Under Table:

Aaron McCollough’s Little Ease
Djuna Barnes’ Collected Poems
My writing notebook
Three-ring binder of finished and in progress poems

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