Saturday, January 06, 2007

More Bronx Letters (School)

I have been having an email exchange between a really nice guy named Matt regarding the position at Bronx Letters High School. Matt has been very kind to forward my email to an employee of the school. I highly doubt that anything will come of it. But, this is a great oppotunity for a potenial employer who was nearly hostile to me to explain themselves and iron things out. Am I a complete, boring nut? I know that people are turned down for jobs daily. I know that interviewing is like dating. You get all pretty. You go on a first (or even second date). Then, the guy never calls you back (or is rude when you call him --or her). And I think that everything is much more pronounced in New York City. However, you have to understand, EVERYTIME I interview I feel as though I have to prove myself far and beyond any other applicant. I can't help but think that I have been turned down for about 70% of all jobs I applied for, not because I was unqualified but because the employer only saw my disability -- not me! I think with Bronx Letters, this was definitely the case. I know that there was no one else with my qualifications that was interviewed. There was also the strange situation of being interviewed (and rejected) by ninth graders. Of course 9th graders are not going to want a crippled teacher - duh! It's up to the adults to set 'um straight. The school could have been more savy and said - we hired someone in house - which DOE schools often do. It was the "our students don't think you're right" that raised the red flag. If anything, I'm glad to have this blog - and the five people that read it - to blow off frustration. I think my husband's getting bored!

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