Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yeats and All

This has been a relentlessly exciting "poetry" week.

The 5th issue of Saint Elizabeth Street was pushed into the world!

After 17 years, I finally begin concrete work with my publisher UNM Press, on my first book, Derivative of the Moving Image.

Next week, I will travel to Yale to see my favorite guy Nathaniel Tarn read!

On her blog yesterday Andrea Baker wrote something to the effect of today I love poetry. I had the same experience last night. I read a great NYT editorial about the current quoting of Yeats "The Second Coming" in the political arena. This led me to go dig it up in my Norton Anthology and read it, which I am embarrassed to say, I hadn't, although my smarter husband and father have quoted it to me over the years.

Yeat writes: "Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds."
and in A Prayer for My Daughter "Because of the great gloom that is in my mind."
Uggggh -- Why didn't I write that?!!

PS: To Anne, if you read this, an explaination is coming to DAD shortly!


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I discuss Yeat's poem at:

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Oops!! I posted the wrong link. Here it is:
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