Monday, June 18, 2007

Projects in the works

Rufus's projects in the works are an opera commissioned by the Met, a tour, and a Judy Garland show at the Hollywood Bowl. We will see him in Portland.

We beat Rufus out for the number of pending projects which include an interview with Charles Bernstein, Issues 6 & 7 of SES, interviews with librarians (that should be fun!), a fall reading series, and continued writings on Rukeyser, Olson, and Eigner. No wonder we are tired!

In the meanwhile read this stuff:

Didi Menedez's really mean reviews
Davidson's amazing review of Notley
Interview with the fabulous Eleni and her sidekick Eva Grace


Unknown said...

I don't think my reviews are mean. I think they are honest. I have received positive feedback from a few of the publications where I was told they are implementing some of my ideas in place. Nobody else out there cares enough to point these things out. I feel it is about time somebody who has been around the block a few times speaks up.

Thank you and keep up the good work.
Didi Menendez

Jennifer Bartlett said...

Hi Didi,

Thank you for reading/writing! I was just being cheeky! I am addicted to your site and look everyday.
I am of two minds: I think you provide a great service. I think you give great advice. I am looking into some of the ideas you mentioned. I am, though, still uncomfortable with work that focuses on presentation rather than conent. You yourself said that the word "review" was a misnomer, but this word is still floating around the blogsphere. I kind of like that you take to task the visual aspects of magazines, but I also kind of feel like it's judging Madame Curie by her dress.

I also was taken aback at your review of Jacket. My feeling is that if someone like John can do the work he does, it doesn't matter if he puts all his books in bold on the front page. Jackets's reviews are mind-blowing. He is also one of the only people to give attention to Nathaniel Tarn! It's what I always say -- Bob Dylan is an asshole, but, well he's Bob Dylan so who cares? (not that john's an ass!) I kind of feel like you are taking Jacket to task to be contraversial.