Wednesday, April 02, 2008

For April Writing Month

This means to say, I want to avoid the world.
Oregon wraps her body around mine.
A list of dailiness, the fragmentation,
the problem in a business of poetics
and one self-crippled young person.
Embarrassed to say, this morning,
I ran across a picture of Frank O'hara
in the New Yorker.
I kissed it.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer - hello - I wrote something about O'Hara -

in my opinion
September 26th, 2005

After you visit City Lights
Pocket Poets Series
“Lunch Poems” by Frank O’Hara
in Border’s Book Store
so often
that your fingeroil DNA
completely coats both covers
and your eyestains invisibly
darken every page
and it costs less than $10
they should
give it to you

Jennifer Bartlett said...


I love it! You're the best!