Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Election

This seems as good a time as any to begin blogging again, as short lived as it may be. 

The actions of late with people and groups of disability have begun to worry me. Today, the NFB came out with a statement against the new film 'Blindness.' We all remember the protests as well against 'Tropic Thunder.' I believe that, as the election approaches, groups are targeting the wrong people. I believe we should be using all of our limited time and energy to assure a better quality of life. Some questions I'd like to consider are:

Why do people with disabilities still have a 75% unemployment rate?
Why is McCain's treatment of his first wife not a larger issue in the media?
Why has there not been a protest of PWD of any major proportion since the early 1990's?
Why aren't PWD more vocal about the fact that Bush Sr. attempted to surpress the new ADA Law?
Why does receiving SSI still put PWD way below the poverty level?
Why do programs like SSDI encourage people not to work?
Why aren't PWD (a major voting bloc) tirelessly working toward electing the best candidate?

On Sept. 30 Riley Ramsey did a complete list of the laws that both candidates want to promote for PWD (his blog is licking Calcutta). 


et said...

His treatment of both his first and his second wife is.....more than a little disturbing.
Thank you for making all these points.
Hope you n yrs are doing good!

Pouic said...
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Pouic said...

Hi Jennifer.

(I haven't been able to find anywhere else to write to you, so I'm writing in this Comments box that has absolutely nothing to do with my point)
I was a student of your father's in 1989/90, then we became friends - I met you once briefly at a reading in a bookshop - and stayed in touched for a long time. Then we lost contact, mainly because I went back to France. Off and on, and for a good while now, I have tried to write to him, at UNM - sent him this book that I love "Roots of Heaven" - at his home address, even at his
publisher's, nobody could tell me where to reach him. Then I came across your blog, and here I am. Would you please tell him that I wrote.

Thank you so much.

Solange Marquis
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75018 Paris - France
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