Friday, March 05, 2010


Tonight, I'm snuggling up with this:


Ron said...

Great to see that people are actually getting this wonderful quartet of books -- at $150, it's a real bargain.

Jennifer Bartlett said...

It's absolutely a beautiful edition. It came in a huge box! Robert and Curtis did an amazing job!

Steven Fama said...

Hi Jennifer,

Hope you enjoying the poems. There are lots!

I've put up a few posts on the new books and Eigner's poetry that perhaps may be of interest:

This one here gathers statements by poet-readers, written over the decades, on Eigner's poetry.

This one goes on at some length about what I consider a most unfortunate decision regarding page design, with respect to what was done with Eigner's left-side margins.

This one, a kind of coda to the post about the margins, tries to describe my struggle to read the books, and points out a minor production mistake in Volume III.