Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Less Thing to Worry About: Voting

I'm a busy poet, mother, copious animal owner, Brooklynite. Now, I'm relieved. I have one less thing to worry about: voting for president.

A week or so ago a soldier named robert bales killed 16 innocent people in Afghanistan. Bales was a victim too. Sent into war numerous times, turned down for a promotion, leaving at home a wife, two children, and failing mortgage. After the crime, according to the Times, the government erased all internet information about Bales.

This didn't happen because of Bush or Cheney. It happened on Obama's watch. This happened on the watch of a man who I walked into a voting poll,  pulled a lever and voted for. My one millionth of an opinion contributed to this situation. For me, that percentile is too high. I won't let that happen again. Ever.

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