Tuesday, September 12, 2006

100 poems/poetry books to be read immediately contined

15. Like the Wind Loves a Window Andrea Baker
16. "What the Living Do" Marie Howe
17. The Grand Permission ed. Brenda Hillman
18. Talking Poetry ed. Lee Bartlett
19. "Little Sleep's-Head Sprouting Hair in the Moonlight Galway Kinnell
20. "Impressionism" Jorie Graham (Harvard Review #27)
21. Code of Silences ed. Michael Palmer
22. Letters to a Young Poet Rilke
23. "Wild Geese" Mary Oliver
24. The Greenhouse Effect Lee Bartlett
25. Cascadia Brenda Hillman
26. Selected Poems Barbra Guest
27. Ariel Sylvia Plath
28. readiness enough depends on Larry Eigner
29. The Book of Tendons Eleni Sikelianos
30. The Biography of Anne Sexton (forgot author)
31. View with a Grain of Sand Wislawa Szymorska

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