Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So-Called Language Poetry and Beyond

I have been very interested for many years about how the so-called Language Poetry movement has formed and re-formed poetry in the last 15-20 years. Recently, while searching for places to submit, I came upon a magazine which (although eact wording alludes me) claimed that they are completely uninterested in even considering any work with narrative. Okay. But, is this quite what Silliman, Palmer, Berstein, Andrews, Watten, Heijinian and some others had in mind?

I have decided - just for fun! - to post installments of a paper I gave to a heavily-narrative based school on a sort of history of "Language Poetry."

The first installment later today - or tommorrow.

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Jim Stewart said...

As usual, most poets are fighting the last war. The L=A=bla bla bla poets were fighting against a mindless narrative bias that was dominant in academia at the time. Now, for a certain clique of "experimental" poets, it's the non-narrative that's the mindless bias. But it's not really experimental anymore if that's what everyone's doing!