Thursday, March 08, 2007

Damaged Human Form

Yesterday I went on a tour of the Closed Circuit show at the Metropolitan Museum which includes Jim Campbell's Motion and Rest #2. I was so excited about being the model for this piece and for it finally making it's way out of storage. I was, however, nervous about the tour guide and the museum's translation of the piece which is clearly about labored movement. The guide was wonderful. Without knowing about my presence in the audience, she called it "beautiful" and "something we all can relate to." The only thing that bothered me was the text on the wall, perhaps written by the curator, that called the figure in the piece (i.e. me) a "damaged human form." Of course, I was hysterical. Then it occured to me, aren't we all damaged human forms?

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Unknown said...

the phrase Damaged Human Form is gorgous. I say you steal it.