Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm exhausted today. Yesterday, Jim took the day off work and we went to galleries in Chelsea. We were blown away by the work of Karen Gunderson. Perhaps this was an "I love New York" moment.

Today, I had an "I HATE New York" moment. I was on the bus coming home from dropping off Jeff. There was a teenage girl next to me eating a bagel. After she was done, she threw the brown bag on the bus floor. She got off and stepped right over it. Meanwhile, I lady in nice heels went to get off the bus. Her heel got caught, she nearly tripped, and napkins and torn bag went everywhere making a bigger mess.

Oh -- the things that make me mad. Why do people have utter disregard? Where does this come from?

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Don Orth said...

Is that you, Jen? Don here from Vermont College.