Sunday, June 24, 2007


The Mermaid Parade was a little too hetro for me. Royal & Jim loved it! If I want to see boobs, I can take off my shirt and look in the mirror. Jeff & I are off to the P:ride Parade. I will report back shortly.


Pris said...

I found you from your post on the Mipo sexy issue blog, then followed your links to your poems. Your work is fantastic!

You didn't way what kind of disability...I deal with CFIDS. It's on my blog.

I'll save this URL so I can find you again. Major problem with so many blogs.

Jennifer Bartlett said...

Hi Pris,

Thank you! I found your blog..which I will list here and follow. I have slight Cerebral Palsy. It's not bad enough to really stop me from getting all over the place, working, having a husband, & kid, but people still stare at me on the subway!

Pris said...

I'll follow yours, too...will link it into mine tomorrow. I'm too dizzy and limp...other cognitive stuff since CFIDS hit me. I have a lot of balance problems. People stare at me, too:-)