Sunday, March 08, 2009

13 Favorite Things About My Mother, More to come

1. She always answers the phone and listens no matter how busy or cranky she is.
2. She loves my son completely, is patient with him, and dotes on him.
3. She made me look at the Metropolitian Museum of Art in an entirely new way.
4. She loves comedies.
5. She gets along well with children.
6. She worries about me.
7. When she visits (or I visit her) she waits on me hand and foot!
8. She understands my husband.
9. She buys all my son's new clothes.
10. She is a good Catholic.
11. She is in theology school.
12. She does my taxes and calls them a 'work of art.'
13. She is dedicated to her family.

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