Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My 20 favorite things about my father

1. He loves his cats.
2. He can quote most of Eliot's 'Wasteland' and when I'm mad at my child he tells me 'why did you get married if you didn't want children?'
3. He says, 'You are the best poem I have ever written.'
4. He is an intellectual who loves sports and bad television.
5. He babysits a dog on Thursdays and takes it very seriously.
6. He makes excellent burritos and salads.
7. When I ask him for coffee money he gives me $60.
8. He believes in omens, signs, and conspiracy theories.
9. He says, 'We speak in a kind of shorthand you and I.'
10. He is a great collage artist.
11. He introduced me to Liz Phair and Antony.
12. Jennifer's book and Nathaniel's book.
13. He taught me to say 'Indian' not 'Native American.'
14. He is good to AF.
15. He says,' Well, you saved money on your airline ticket, so now you have more money for books!'
16. When Andy Warhol died and I cried hysterically, he surprised me with a can of Campbell's soup.
17. When I tell him poets are mean to me, he gets it.
18. He owns all the Smiths 12 inches, even though Thomas inherits them, not me.
19. He says, 'Well, Emily Post believes 'bad boys' grow up and rule the world. So, don't worry about Jeff.
20. He met Seamus Heaney at McDonalds.

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