Friday, December 08, 2006

Bedside Table: David-Baptiste Chirot

Pol Pot--by Philip Short
My Life is My Weapon A modern history of suicide bombing--Christoph Reuter Translated from the German
Machete Season The Killers In Rwanda Speak
a report by Jean Hatzfelde w/afterward by Suan Sontag, translation by Linda Coverdale
Guy Debord Revolution in the Service of Poetry
by Vincent Kaufmann translated by Roberto Bonnomo
The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers (first edition)
The Information Bomb--Paul Virillio
In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities--Jean Buadrillard
Politics of the Very Worst --Paul Virilio & Sylvere Lotringer

The Talented Mr Ripley--Patricia Highsmith
Four Days in a Lifetime--Georges Simenon
The Killer Inside Me-Jim Thompson (reread)
Kiss Me, Deadly --Mickey Spillane

Amulet by Roberto Bolano (Readers advance copy)
The Savage Detectives--Roberto Bolano (readers advance copy)
After the Quake--Haruki Murakami
Moby Dick--Herman Melville

Saint Ghetto of the Loans--Gabriel Pomerand
Rimbaud--Complete poetry and letters (rereading for millionth time)

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