Wednesday, December 06, 2006


This is a topic that interests me....I'll be dipping into it periodically.

Evidently, as per Bust magazine, there is a part of the population that thinks their decision NOT to have children is worthy of a movement/ webculture. Here is such a posting from such a website

"If you ask me, no one under 12 belongs in a sit-down restaurant. Let the kiddie crowd hang out at Chuck E Cheese and fast food restaurants — places they’d be more comfortable. There is absolutely no point to children being in sit down restaurants. People with kids who want to eat out can get a sitter or get take out. Or better yet, they could grow up, face their responsibilities and realize that until the kids are older, eating out just isn’t an option. It’s called “making sacrifices” and “consequences of your choices”. Maybe they could learn to cook — something other than frozen chicken nuggets and fish sticks, I hope!"

To me, this belongs in the catagory of people who want to make society into a 20-30 something Disneyland.

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