Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bhutan, Not Such A Happy Place After All

Bhutan is a country known for it's happiness, Buddhism, and beauty. But today I found out the king of Bhutan exiled 100,000 people from the country for not being Bhutanese (sp?) or Buddhist. What's next? Sweden?

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sonam ongmo said...

Bhutan is still a happy place. But although people around the world like to say it is a Shangri-la it is also a real world that has real problems.

The problems that we had were created by those that claim to be exiled. These so called refugees have resulted from No War, No natural calamities and No violence. These people who were exiled actually left voluntarily, Those that were forced out were ones who were illegal.

We face the same problems as the US only the US is not a country with a population of 600,000 people bordered by the worlds biggest populaters, CHINA< INDA AND NEPAL. So think about it. A poor country that has no resources cannot afford to absorb any INdians, Chinese or Nepalis otherwise we will be minorities in our own country.

So you can choose to beleive what you want. There is a whole lot of propaganda by the Nepalis out there to destroy Bhutan. We have good relations with India and no problems with them because their govt lives up to the treaties. We choose not to have Diplomatic relations with China because we are wary of them and with Nepal we have seen how they have destroyed most of the Himalayan region so we do not want anything to do with them.