Monday, November 10, 2008


Unlike those around me, I can't conjure up much excitement for Obama's election. I am more excited that we did not elect McCain, a man who, in my eyes has proven to be unethical in every aspect of his existence. It is undebatable that having an African-American President is one of the best things that has ever happened to this country. But, I don't have much faith that Obama will directly affect me or those around me. I am not trying to be negative. I guess I am attempting to say that when I hear the word 'change' this means to me something that goes beyond barely comprehensible laws in the neitherworld. It has to be palpable. 

I know City Government is vastly different than National, yet when I look around New York City I can see all of the good, bad, and neutral things Bloomberg has done. Merely by leaving my house, I am affected by my city's decisions: to make bike lanes, to ban smoking, to improve parks, to lower or raise taxes, to lower or raise the pay of city workers, so on and so forth.

I'm not the most savvy political person. Jim says the president can't just 'do stuff.' You have the Congress and all that, but a person who runs on 'change' surely must have some kind of plan.

Here's a few changes I would like to see.

Dear Obama,

Be Brave.
Negotiate with Iran. Be tough on Israel. Don't start anymore wars. Get us out of the one we are in.
Get rid of the barbaric death penalty.
Appoint a Supreme Court that will respect the ADA.
Start affirmative action for people with disabilities.
Make the entire country substanible.
Provide health care for all children under the age of 18 despite their parents income
Triple the NEA awards.

And, my goodness, PLEASE do not make another narrative poet Poet Lauerete: I have some recommendations; Brenda Hillman, Nathaniel Tarn, Charles Bernstein, Bernadette Mayer, or Barrett Watten.
That should get you started!

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