Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bedside Table: Evie Shockley

onestly, what's lying on the other side of the bed (where, sadly, books
collect when my partner's not in town -- and which is only a partial and
slightly distorted reflection of what i'm reading) right now:

1. - 5. five tinyside books (## 16-20) from big game books by k.
lorraine graham, julia drescher, jen tynes, ada limon, and stacy
szymaszek, respectively.

6. *muse & drudge,* by harryette mullen

7. *i take thee, english, for my beloved,* by eileen tabios

8. an off-print of the poetry, prose, and an interview of brent hayes
edwards, published in *callaloo* 22.4

9. *traffic,* issue # 2

10. *remnants of hannah,* by dara wier

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