Friday, November 10, 2006

The Retarded

The New York Times has done it again!

In today's art section, Manohla Dargis refers to people with developmental disabilites, people with mental retardation - or (at minimum) retarded people - as THE RETARDED in her review of Shainberg's new film about Dianns Arbus. Dargis, who from here on will be referred to as the white girl, gives the film a pretty fair review. The white girl and I agree - why is Nicole Kidman in this role? I find it beyond ludicrous when actresses such as Paltrow (as Plath) and Kidman (as Arbus) portray our artistic heros. As the white girl points out: "Ms. Kidman bears no physical development resemblance to Arbus, who was small and dark and seemed very much tethered to the earth." To my small mind, which unrightly worships artists, it is a scandel to make a film such a film about Arbus. The white girl seems to hint that Shainberg means to show Arbus' sexual awakening. Who cares? How about the fact that Arbus was a damn good photographer.

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