Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bedside Table: Veronica Wong

i'm going to play this game, but i have to admit i
don't have a bedside table. such is the life of
living in manhattan - it doesn't quite fit my studio.
but, i'll use the equivalent, which is to say a hot
pink round tray on top of an ottoman. it currently
holds: the wind-up bird chronicle (by murakami), the
11/6 issue of the new yorker, a case of foam rollers,
half empty (as i'm currently wearing/using the other
half), my dvd player's remote control, a postcard from
lincoln center reminding me of performances i want to
but probably wont attend, a pen, a penny, an emergency
contraception petition from NARAL, and a birthday card
i'm about to send out.

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